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Gippsland Trade Printers

Gippsland Trade Printers

Gippsland Trade Printers is a century old Commercial Printer based at Churchill in the Latrobe Valley (155km east of Melbourne). We have been a trade supplier to Print Distributors and Brokers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Tasmania, Townsville and Adelaide for over 20 years.

Our mission is to become the most reliable and competitive print trade supplier on Australia’s Eastern Seaboard. To help achieve this, we have re-organised our workforce, revised and refocused our job roles and have become a truly dedicated trade supplier.

In November 2019 we were acquired by Lamson Paragon and subsequently consolidated in to the Group’s Sefton facility. This enables our partners to grow via all of the value added products available under a Trusted Trade Only Banner.

Our Conviction

We have created a conviction that as a customer driven service organisation – we must do it the best way every time. The quality of our products and our absolute reliability are now the concern of every person in the plant. This process begins with your first enquiry for quotation – and ends only when the product is delivered – in full, on time, at the right place, in good condition, and to the complete satisfaction of those who will ultimately use it.

We have in place the systems to make this happen, everytime. We look forward to making it happen for you.

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